Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Calling a JavaScript function from Silverlight 2 - Laurent Duveau


Calling a JavaScript function from Silverlight 2

Wow, this is far better now with SL2! no more tips and tricks.


<script type="text/javascript">
function DisplayMessage()
alert("call me from Silverlight 2");


using System.Web.Browser;


Calling a JavaScript function from Silverlight 2 - Laurent Duveau

Scott Morrison : Using The Silverlight DataGrid

I was about a year too early the first time.  Here's crack #2 at getting a working datagrid in Silverlight.  Still disconnected though... it uses a web service and no direct SQL client.

At MIX 2008 we shipped the first preview of the Silverlight DataGrid and a preview of it in WPF was also shown.  Now that it is out there people want to know how to use it.  If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place.  Here's a quick guide on how to get up and running with a Silverlight DataGrid.

Scott Morrison : Using The Silverlight DataGrid

And more from the comments about getting connections to SQL and Silverlight.

Last month, we built an internal demo which pulled Key Performance Indicators into a Messenger-style Vista gadget from Analysis Services, using web services and ADOMD.  Silverlight 1.1 displayed the "bling" with bouncing graphs and spinning video cubes.

A datagrid will be even more helpful for data geeks like me, though it is probably a better idea to leave Silverlight to its unstructured, creative self.

Mix University | MIX Online

A little bit of everything here.

MIX University


The next-generation Web experience is here. On this site, we’ll help you to visualize the possibilities that new technologies bring to your business, understand how incorporating these technologies will improve your customers’ experience, and to immerse yourself in the enabling technologies. Want to see how the use of ASP.NET AJAX can take a site from a functional one to a destination? Interested in walking through the construction of a Gadget?   It’s all available for you on this page. Take what you need, or dive in to it all. Oh, and be sure to visit again – more is always on the way.

Mix University | MIX Online

158MB of goodness.

XAML-Ready Design Agency with Expression Blend - MIX08 Session

March 8th, 2008


We had such a blast at MIX08!  I hope you had a great time too. I had a session on Friday called XAML-Ready Design Agency with Expression Blend. I feel very happy for meeting all the folks that were able to join us during the session. I have published all the assets for my session including the DeepZoom “slide deck” we used during the session (I decided I wouldn’t use PowerPoint anymore, just DeepZoom Smile). I’m also including my source Expression Design file to my slides.  Feel free to re-use, just add a note mentioning the source Tongue out - Arturo Toledo |

I was reviewing the site yesterday night and I discovered all the videos for entire event are already published there!  All these videos represent an amazing source of training and information. I personally learned Silverlight 1 by watching the MIX07 sessions. Now with the MIX08 you literally have days of recorded video with amazing content, technical, creative and even on Design theory with the UX track.

Hard Rock Memorabilia

Almost as good as being there... almost.

Hard Rock Memorabilia


More goodies for XAML artists.

SourceForge - Inkscape

"Drawing a car in Inkscape

A Linux, Windows & OSX vector graphics editor (SVG format) featuring transparency, gradients, node editing, pattern fills, PNG export, and more. Aiming for capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.

Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day

Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day - Deep Zoom & Silverlight 2


Microsoft Downloads - Deep Zoom Composer


We are pleased to present a technology preview of Deep Zoom Composer, a tool to allow the preparation of images for use with the Deep Zoom feature currently being previewed in Silverlight 2 Beta 1. The new Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight allows users to see images on the Web like they never have before. The smooth in-place zooming and panning that Deep Zoom allows is a true advancement and raises the bar on what image viewing should be. High resolution images need to be prepared for use with Deep Zoom and this tool allows the user to create Deep Zoom composition files that control the zooming experience and then export all the necessary files for deployment with Silverlight 2.

Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Silverlight BluePrint - Patrick Tisseghem's Blog [MVP SharePoint]

Plus a howto on the article below for configuring Sharepoint & Silverlight.

How to configure your SharePoint extended IIS Web App for working with Silverlight 2 applications

There were a number of questions on the blog or per email regarding the configuration of the web.config in a SharePoint IIS Web app in order for the Silverlight BluePrint samples to work. Not that much though and that is of course a good sign. As I understand from it, many people are up-and-running with the samples.

Silverlight BluePrint - Patrick Tisseghem's Blog [MVP SharePoint]

Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint

What's the deal with Silverlight and Sharepoint integration?

Find out here...

Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint