Friday, January 11, 2008 GlovePIE Wii-Mote Scripts

So I just picked up a bluetooth adapter to test out the wiimote on the PC.  A bit awkward but it really does work!

Next... get it going with some FPS games... and flight simulator... and touchscreen-enable my laptop.

There are 42 pages of scripts & counting.  The Google Earth one is worth checking out. 

Alright, I recently got my wiimote up and working with my PC (Windows only.. no linux yet)
the main reason I wanted it was to play point blank in mame with friends.. much to my dismay, there was no half decent script to do that! GlovePIE Wii-Mote Scripts

Time to hit Active Surplus to get some IR LEDs... or maybe I'll just cough up the $20 for the sensor bar.

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