Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life and Death with wiimote

One application of a 3D mouse or a wiimote is in the healthcare industry, by simulating interactions with different tools, like a hammer.

The Wii Tools
Two tools, a reflex hammer and an ophthalmoscope were developed to interact with the virtual patient. Interaction with these devices is very intuitive using the wiimote.
To strike with the hammer, simply swing as though striking. You must swing hard enough that it would result in an actual strike, otherwise, it will just touch. The wiimote vibrates when a strike occurs.

Virtual Environments Projects - Brent Rossen - Spring 07

I wonder if this will work with Life and Death, the game?  Time to get the scalpel out, and remember to turn the gas on.

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RichWhite said...

this virtual environment project is interesting - ... and great with the wiimote whiteboard