Friday, September 14, 2007

Why the hell should I use Silverlight?

Some comments from a Flash developer.


Fast forward to a couple of hours later, and I corner Jon Harris. Who clearly is a man who likes a challenge. He must do, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to Flash on the Beach last year surrounded by 500 Flashers all wondering what the hell he was doing there.

And he seemed friendly so I asked him the question : why should we start to use Silverlight? The answer that I got was : Video.

MS are pushing this technology heavily on the video side. And Jon told me that it was much cheaper to host streaming video on a Microsoft server than on a Flash Media Server (FMS). Apparently around $2000 compared to FMS which will cost you $4500. Now come on Adobe, that’s really a bit silly huh? No wonder that Microsoft see this as a way in. And I also hear that Microsoft are even offering free hosting to some clients (not sure about the details though). And I suspect that if you’re the BBC or other hugely massive organisation, Adobe may be interested in giving you some sort of discount.

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