Sunday, September 9, 2007

Silverlight Animation Library -


In the declarations the storyboards are wrapped from a simple Animation object. Then the animatables are composed into a ParallelAnimation and a ConditionalAnimation. This are also wraper in a SequenceAnimation. When the begin method of the SequenceAnimation will be called the aniamtables object will run sequentially, parallel or conditional composing a full animation. The mean of the composite animation are:

  • Parallel: all the animatables run parallel starting at the same time. A "completed" event will be fired when the last animatable ends.
  • Sequence: the animatables run one by one. The second run when the first stop. A "completed" event will be fired when the last animatable ends.
  • Conditional: when the animation begin a DecisionRequest event fire and the event handler must set the index of the animatables to start into his array.

The powerful aspect of this library is the classes architecture. All the classes extendes Elite.Animatable and all te classes accept instances of Elite.Animatable as input. So you can compose multiple Animatables one inside the other. Sequence into Parallel, Parallel into Conditional, etc... in this way you may obtain easily every animation behavior.

Source: Silverlight Animation Library -

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