Monday, September 17, 2007

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 Rob has found the five products that may change the future of Microsoft.  Seadragon is one of the more impressive technologies, though it has been around since before 2002, when MS acquired Seadragon

Seadragon's (originally Sand Codex) founder, and now Photosynth Architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas did a presentation January 6, 2005 on the printing press, Gutenberg, and Movable Type. (not the blog software)  Who knew that fonts were so technical?

In terms of the World Wide Partner Conference, I learned an a lot about how Microsoft works.  I also discovered a huge range of opportunities that are out there for exploration.  I think it was hard to tell which new technology stole the show.  The candidates are:

  1. Microsoft Surface - - This product just blows me away in terms of what it does and how it works. 
  2. Microsoft Silverlight - - Silverlight just gets better and better.  Even in it's infancy, Silverlight is an amazing revolution in web development.  Brian Goldfarb's demo during Steve Ballmer's keynote was one of the highlights of the show.
  3. Photosynth - - Although still mostly a Microsoft Research project, photosynth plus Silverlight is going to create a web 3.0 wave for retail.
  4. Seadragon - - Wow.  From a sheer "cool" factor, Seadragon wins hands down. 

Combining these technologies makes me think that in the next 3 to 5 years, almost everything we know about UI and man-machine interface is going to change. 

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