Sunday, May 27, 2007

Microsoft Silverlight Streaming - Upload your apps here

Here's one way I can setup my Silverlight apps on Google Blogger... of course I'm hosting it on Windows Live but hey... :)

Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ is a companion service for Silverlight that makes it easier for developers and designers to deliver and scale rich media as part of their Silverlight applications. The service offers web designers and developers a free and convenient solution for hosting and streaming cross-platform, cross-browser media experiences and rich interactive applications that run on Windows™ and Mac. Combined with the ability to create content with Microsoft® Expression Studio and other 3rd party tools, Web designers and content publishers wishing to integrate Silverlight applications into their online properties can enjoy complete control of the end user experience.

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Source: Microsoft Silverlight Streaming - Admin Home

After no reading of TFM whatsoever, I was able to download the Alpha 1.1 code (any Silverlight app will prompt you for the Beta... get the Alpha - it's better) and install it in 15 seconds.

I then went to the Silverlight Streaming service and setup an account (in less than 1 minute).

After that, I needed an application.  Eventually pieces of this blog will be the application, but for now I'll settle with some samples.  I tried to upload the demo... and it asked me for a manifest.xml file.

I extracted and my AVG Anti-Virus detected a hidden extension in a .html.js file.  So much for codebehind naming conventions for javascript.

Next step, RTFM enough to get the structure of the manifest.xml and post this app!

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